God of War Ragnarok: How To Increase Your Health Bar | Guide to the Idunn apple


An apple of Idunn a day keeps the Reaper at bay.


In God of War Ragnarok you will fight for every piece of your green health bar. Kratos may be a god, but he’s also a big bag of meat that’s going to be completely destroyed as you progress through the game. that you fight in the story. At times, your health will be low and you will struggle with every encounter. Every burst of health is going to help – and that’s why you’ll want permanently increase your health bar.

In God of War Ragnarokthe easiest way to improve your health is to Idunn apples. These rare collectibles give a small boost to your max health. You can also equip gear, accessory enchants, or find unique items that increase your Vitality. Kratos has stats like any other RPG and increasing your stats will give you a (very small) boost to your total health pool. Idunn apples are more common and simple. find a Idunn’s Apple will immediately increase your health bar. At least, at the beginning of the game. Eventually, you will have to find more.

Below, we’ll cover how to increase your health bar, where to find Idunn’s Apples, and some of the first locations you’ll want to look for these upgrade items.

How to Increase Your Max Health

There are two ways to increase your health meter in God of War: Ragnarok — increase your total Vitality stator by finding Idunn apples. The Vitality The stat can be increased by equipping certain gear or enchantments. You can also Instantly increases Vitality +2 finding Yggdrasil Vitality Dew.

  • Instantly Increase Vitality | Dew location
    • Yggdrasil Vitality Dew: Permanently increases Vitality +2. Found after the fallen log near the Freyr’s Camp Mystic Gateway exit. Travel south and you won’t miss it.

Dew of Yggdrasil are rare items found while exploring on a boat. While rafting, look for blue dew bulbs growing on overhanging plants. Collecting dew will give you a permanent boost to your stats.

The only other way to increase max health is to Idunn apples. Idunn Apples are unique collectibles that increase your total health bar. At first, you will only need one Apple to boost your maximum health. As you collect them, you will need 2 / 3 / 4 apples before the upgrade.

  • Idunn apples: Rare upgrade items. Finding Idunn’s Apples will permanently increase Kratos’ health meter upon collection. The amount of Idunn Apples needed to unlock the max health upgrade increases as more are collected.
    • Idunn apples falling off Nornir Chests. Nornir chests are large treasure chests with three runes – to unlock the chests you need to solve a small puzzle involving the three runes.

Nornir Chests have several types of puzzles to solve. Depending on the type of device scattered around the area near the chest, you may need to perform the following mini-tasks.

  • Nornir Chests | How to solve
    • bells: There are three bells hidden in the area. You must ring them in quick succession. Usually ringing them in the order they are displayed on the Nornir chest will give you enough time to complete the challenge.
    • Braziers: Braziers are fire pits – you must find and light all three in any order. Hearths can be ignited with explosives, Chaos Blades, or by other means like linking a fire to the brazier with Sigil Arrows.
    • Runic Cursors: The last challenge is the easiest. Memorize the runes on the front of the Nornir chest, then find three rotating devices in the environment. Throw your ax to spin the device, changing the rune that is displayed. You need to match the displayed runes with the three runes in the Nornir chest.
    • Seals: The last method is to break three seals. They can be broken in any order and are usually well hidden.

Solve Nornir Chests can give you Idunn apples Where Blood Mead Horn which increases your rage meter. Both of these upgrade items work the same way. To help you get started, here is a brief overview of the Nornir Chest locations at the start of the game.

Nornir Chest Locations | Guide to Idunn’s Apples

The following locations have Idunn apples. Check out our other collection guides for more details on Nornir Chest solutions.

  • Nornir Chest: Aurvangar Wetlands | Svartalfheim – At the giant wheel, Kratos will have to land his boat. Cross the geysers. There are three seals in the area that you need to break.
  • Nornir Chest: Radsvinn Rig | Svartalfheim – Head up into the Mining Rig combat area and you’ll find this chest directly to the left on the ledge overlooking the bay. You must use Chaos Blades and ignite them in order.
  • Nornir Chest: Dragon Beach | Svartalfheim – Next to the runes on the wooden leg. Find all three seals and break them in any order.
  • Nornir Chest: The Fort | Alfheim – At the start of the stage, Kratos will have to squeeze through a narrow passage. After sneaking in, drop down to the left.
  • Nornir Chest: Below | Alfheim – Coming out of the cave you will reach a canyon. Next, you will need to break three beehive bulbs. To the right you can drop down to find a Nornir chest with three bells.
  • Nornir Chest: The Savages of the South | Vanaheim – On the main path. You will encounter flowers that throw spores at you. Ahead, while Freya and Brok are arguing, you’ll come across a chest. You need to flip the three runes to match the letters on the chest.
  • Nornir Chest: Ruins on the side of a cliff | Vanaheim – Across the river from the blacksmith shop, jump to the Nornir chest in the back right of the ruins area. You need to find three Rune Devices and flip them to match the chest.
  • Nornir Chest: Goddess Falls | Vanaheim – Atop the cliffs of Goddess Falls, you’ll find a Nornir chest that requires three braziers to light.
  • Nornir Chest: Raiders hideout | Midgar – Found in the Raiders hideout. The Raiders will ambush Kratos when you enter. The Nornir chest is in the far left of the wall you can climb.
  • Nornir Chest: Rowers | Midgar – Upon entering the rowers area, you will encounter a group of looters. Clear them and you’ll find the chest in the back-right.

There are many more Idunn apples to find in God of War: Ragnarok, but this should give you a good start on where to look. Check back soon for even more in-depth guides to God of War: Ragnarok.


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