FutureCeuticals will launch a joint health ingredient in the European market at Vitafoods


Distribution will be handled by vaneeghen, FutureCeuticals’ European distribution partner. The partnership was based on the approval of FruiteX-B, a branded form of calcium fructoborate, for novel food status in the EU, a regulatory position similar to GRAS approval in the United States.

Randy Wexler, vice president, general counsel and head of R&D, said the company began the process for applying for novel foods in 2019 with final approval a year ago.

“We are delighted that FruiteX-B has been granted novel food status and is now available to companies in the EU looking for safe and effective joint health ingredients,”says Wexler.

Vaneeghan director Erik Bakkers, head of innovation and marketing for the retailer, said the new ingredient offering will be the star of the company’s stand at the upcoming Vitafoods Europe show to be held next week in Geneva Switzerland. The company’s stand is number I170.

Joint pain research

FutureCeuticals conducted research to validate the ability of FruiteX-B to relieve joint discomfort via a study published in 2014​and done with middle-aged, healthy subjects. Participants were assessed at the start of the study, then at 7 and 14 days using the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC) and the McGill Pain Questionnaire (MPQ). The estimated treatment differences for the MPQ score were -5.8 and -8.9 at days 7 and 14, respectively. The estimated differences for the WOMAC score were -5.3 and -13.73 at days 7 and 14, respectively, with negative values ​​indicating greater reductions in reported discomfort.

FutureCeuticals, founded in 1999 and formerly known as VDF Futureceuticals, is based in the northern Illinois town of Momence. It offers a wide range of products, including branded ingredients such as FruiteX-B, CognatiQ (formerly known as NeuroFactor, a coffee fruit extract) and VitaCherry, a high-standardized tart cherry extract. of anthocyanins.

Vaneeghan, also a family business, has a much longer history. It began as a commercial enterprise in the Netherlands in 1662 after the founder, a Huguenot, fled religious persecution in what is now Belgium. Over the centuries, the family business has been involved in many business activities, including finance and land speculation. The food ingredients side of the business came to the fore after World War II and the functional ingredients division was launched in 1991.


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