Fitzpatrick’s first baby born in 2022 at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital. | Community


The first baby born in 2022 at Spectrum Health Hospital in Ludington was Ellis Lee Fitzpatrick, according to a press release from the health care provider on Tuesday.

Ellis was born at 8:47 a.m. on Sunday, January 2, weighing 8 pounds, 15 ounces and measuring 22 1/4 inches. Ellis’ parents are Paige and Evan Fitzpatrick of Ludington, who are first-time parents, the statement said.

Paige said Ellis is a name that she and Evan both love.

“Ellis’s middle name, Lee, is Evan’s father’s middle name,” she said.

Having the first baby born in Ludington in 2022 was an easy New Year’s resolution. “Become a parent! Paige joked. “We thought he would arrive early, so we didn’t expect him to be the New Years baby.”

Evan said Ellis’ safety was his biggest concern when the couple had their baby during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Keeping Ellis safe while facing all the challenges that a new baby and a pandemic pose were our main concerns,” said Evan.

“The doctor and nurses were amazing and made everything a thousandfold better,” Paige said.

One thing they’ll tell Ellis about meeting him for the first time has to do with his height.

“He has the biggest hands and feet ever,” Paige said.

Both parents had a prediction of what Ellis’ career choice will be when he grows up.

“Probably the next Badger captain,” Paige said.

“Or a kitesurfing freak,” said Evan. Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital said they have warmly welcomed young Ellis Lee Fitzpatrick to the community of Ludington.


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