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While aging in place is the right choice for your older loved ones, making sure their home is free from common home safety hazards is a critical part of their well-being. Unfortunately, some home safety risks can be overlooked by family caregivers and lead to preventable falls, injuries and other accidents in older adults. Here are seven safety risks that our experienced caregivers at Visiting Angels commonly encounter in nursing homes:

Fire safety tips for the elderly az signals

1. Lack of non-slip protection on rugs and carpets

Non-slip guards can prevent rugs and rugs from flying under your elder’s feet and causing a serious fall. In addition, a non-slip backing can prevent rugs and rugs from settling or coming loose and causing a trip hazard, which can be important if your senior uses a mobility aid such as a walker or a walker. cane.

2. Poor diet

Adequate nutrition is an integral part of the health and well-being of your senior. Eating unhealthy foods, not eating enough, and not being able to prepare healthy, safe meals are just a few common issues that could prevent your loved one from getting the nutrients they need. A home caregiver can help you by purchasing and preparing nutritious meals, managing food inventory, and making sure your senior eats regular meals.

3. Obsolete devices

Obsolete appliances – especially stoves and refrigerators – that are not in good working order can lead to a house that is too hot as well as undercooked or spoiled food. Old appliances can also be a fire hazard. Your loved one’s home caregiver can make sure the devices are working properly and let you know of any problems.

4. Pets

While cats and dogs can bring love and companionship to older people, they can be a danger when they are underfoot and not cared for properly. All pets should be appropriately vaccinated and should not be allowed to litter the house. A home caregiver can make sure pets don’t trip your loved one and can make sure they are fed and cared for as needed.

5. Dimensions

Clutter – especially in high-traffic areas of the home – can present a significant risk of falling for older people, so it’s essential to clear all footpaths. Kitchen counters and other surfaces should also be free of clutter. Home caregivers can keep an eye on the clutter and help your loved one avoid a serious home accident.

6. Poorly equipped bathrooms

A bathroom designed to age in place is essential to the safety of your senior. Lack of grab bars, raised toilet seats, shower seats, non-slip bath / shower mats, and other amenities could increase your loved one’s risk of falling. Visiting Angels caregivers are trained to research household hazards and can make recommendations for making the bathroom a safer place for your older loved one.

7. Cords

Long cords – and oxygen or IV tubing – can pose a trip hazard to the elderly. In addition, the use of multiple sockets or extension cords can cause an electrical overload which increases the risk of power failure or fire. A trained caregiver can observe and deal with these hazards before they occur.
cause serious damage.

While this list details some of the common household risks faced by Visiting Angels caregivers, lack of help around the home when needed is perhaps the most significant risk to your older loved one.

Professional care assessments

Our highly trained and compassionate caregivers realize that family caregivers are often unable to be there for their older loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our personal home care professionals can step in when you can’t. and recognize potential hazards to the home to reduce the risk of falls, injuries and accidents.

Once you determine that your loved one may need home care, you will want to meet with our professional caregivers. We will perform a comprehensive home care assessment before starting care to determine your loved one’s needs. This allows for precise planning of the right care based on specific concerns.

During a home care assessment, care specialists will meet with you and your loved one to discuss any issues related to age or disability, your lifestyle and daily schedule, as well as your general goals of care.

If you would like to learn more about how home care can help your elderly loved ones, contact Visiting Angels® today or call 800-365-4189.

Visiting Angels is looking for compassionate individuals to join their team and provide non-medical home care to anyone who needs assistance with their activities of daily living in the Prescott, AZ area. For more information and to apply, please visit

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