FDA-approved injectable could send cellulite packing


(QUEEN CITY NEWS) – We’re well into 2022 and some people might be focusing on their health or physical appearance.

There’s a relatively new procedure on the market now that some medical experts are predicting will be a big hit: finally getting rid of cellulite.

“Women hate cellulite,” proclaimed Dr. Elizabeth Rostan MD with Charlotte Skin and Laser.

She’s not wrong; dimples, cottage cheese, whatever you call them, nobody likes those bumps and lumps hanging over your thighs and buttocks.

“85% of women have cellulite, 100% of women think they have it,” says Dr. Rostan.

What’s even more annoying is that cellulite can’t be banished with diet and exercise.

Dr. Norman Rowe MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Rowe Plastic Surgery in New York, told Queen City News that cellulite doesn’t discriminate and can show up in even the fittest people. and in good health.

“It’s not ‘I can train harder and get rid of it, you can’t,'” Dr Rowe said.

So to know how to treat it, doctors said it’s important to know what it is.

Dr Rostan said: “This is caused by fibrous bands running through the fat to the skin.”

These vertical bands hold your skin down, allowing fat from your thighs and buttocks to pop up in between. Dr. Rostan compares grease and dimples to the springs of a mattress.

Now there’s an FDA-approved way to send off the bumps that have doctors excited, called Qwo.

“It’s an enzyme, a collagenase,” Dr. Rostan explained, “It breaks up those fibrous bands, the very firm strings, and the enzyme breaks them up.”

The end result is smoother skin.

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Kristin Brunson is a registered nurse at Charlotte Skin and Laser who turned into a patient for the treatment.

“I just wanted to see if there could be any improvement, because you just want to look good wearing your gym clothes or whatever could be more fitted,” she said.

Brunson said it was simple and women could even do the procedure on their lunch break.

Recovery time is a big reason doctors think Qwo will be a game changer.

Dr Rowe explained: “It takes about literally 20 minutes for the treatment and then you can go back to work, go back to the gym, you can go to dinner that night, there’s really no downtime. “

A typical treatment is three sessions, spaced three weeks apart.

Dr Rostan said: “Over 65% of the women in the studies had fantastic results and they seemed to last a long time.”

Doctors said side effects are usually mild.

“Most bruises the first treatment, less the second and even less the third,” Dr. Rostan said.

Of course, the results tend to come with a higher price tag.

Dr. Rostan said that at Charlotte Skin and Laser, patients could expect treatment between $1,200 and $1,600 or they would sell a three-session package for $2,500 to $3,500.

As with all cosmetic procedures, Dr. Rowe said it’s important to see someone who knows what they’re doing.

He said, “There are things you can buy and things you can’t. Health is one of those things you can’t shop for. Ask this doctor, how many of them have you done? How long have you been doing this? How are you board certified? What is your field of study ? »

Doctors said that winter is the perfect time to start treatment, so you can go through spring break and summer with confidence.

“It’s a small change, but getting rid of those dimples makes women feel good when they look in the mirror,” Dr. Rostan said.

To find a specialist trained in Qwo, click here.


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