Fall fashion trends and essentials for men: 2022 style guide


LIFE AT FULL SPEED calls for clothes that can keep up. Welcome to a new fleet of multifunctional, lightweight and totally cool gear that can go the distance. To test all of this incredible stuff on the road, we enlisted the help of Formula 1 speed demon Daniel Ricciardo. The lights go out and we leave.

18 Hours Ribbed Jersey Tank Top

Mack Weldon 18 Hour Ribbed Jersey Tank Top
Embroidered denim jeans

Rhude embroidered denim jeans



Jeffrey Westbrook

Torque sling

TUMI x McLaren torque strap

For maximum travel agility, you need a light and roomy bag. These three from Rains, Tumi, and Shinola are built with lightweight, water-resistant fabrics, easy-access vents, and a sleek design for airport dashes and city hikes.

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daniel ricardo
Get the Look: Polo Sport Shirt ($168) and Polo sports pants ($125) by Polo Ralph Lauren; Tank ($28) by Mack Weldon.
Tyler Joe
18 Hours Ribbed Jersey Tank Top

Mack Weldon 18 Hour Ribbed Jersey Tank Top
Relaxed Polo Sport Canvas Trousers

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Relaxed Fit Canvas Trousers

Utility shirts – sturdy button-up shirts in heavyweight cotton twill – resist wrinkles and are a must-have, especially those for polo ralph lauren. Its line of shirts livens things up with a color-block design and ups the comfort factor with brushed cotton, an airy take on the classic fabric.


Formula 1 quartz watch

TAG Heuer Formula 1 quartz watch
Essentials SSB403 Watch

Seiko Essentials SSB403 Watch
Pilot's Edition Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team Chronograph

IWC Pilot’s Edition Chronograph Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Black Bay Pro Watch

Tudor Black Bay Pro Watch
Seamaster Ultra Deep Planet Ocean 6000M

Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep Planet Ocean 6000M

The new watches blend racing and diving elements, enhancing their core functionality. The Omega Seamaster withstands dives of 20,000 feet (or the deep end of the pool). The Tudor Black Bay Pro, the TAG Heuer Formula 1and the Seiko Chronograph can measure split-second race times (or TGIF countdowns). And the IWC Pilot’s WatchThe titanium case with its EasX-change system allows you to change straps in seconds.


Mark Nason Ziggy

SkechersMark Nason Ziggy
ACS Pro Advanced Shoes

Salomon ACS Pro Advanced Shoes
Alfred Kinetic™ Breakthru Tech Lace Sneaker

Sorel Alfred Kinetic™ Revolutionary Technical Lace Trainers
Crusher Distance Reflex Trainers

Trainers Crusher Distance Reflex EMPORIO ARMANI

The wear-everywhere sneaker is as lightweight as it is durable, specially designed for weekend hikes, terminal-to-terminal slogs and urban exploration. This Skechers pick reinforces its outsole with Goodyear rubber (yes, like Goodyear tires), and SolomonThe grippy lace-up hiking boots from feature an ultra-breathable mesh upper. And both EA7 Emporio Armani and the Sorel Breakthrough the sneakers are easy to put on and quick to tie.


daniel ricardo
Sweatshirt On

Outerknown Sweatshirt On
Trialmaster cargo pants

Belstaff Trialmaster Cargo Pants

Sweatshirts in shoulder seasons are a tough choice. Opt for a round neck to avoid overheating. This one of Unknown takes advantage of a hemp and cotton blend that lets you breathe, is wrinkle-resistant when you’re on the go, and takes up much less room in your suitcase than a bulky hoodie.


daniel ricardo

Tyler Joe

Freedom life jacket

Sea-Doo Freedom Life Jacket

Now 11% off

Relaxed Polo Sport Canvas Trousers

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Relaxed Fit Canvas Trousers

These polo ralph lauren Utility pants are made of durable, quick-drying canvas, so you can wear them just about anywhere. Cliff diving, clam digging, driving around the entrance – these are durable as all come out and look much cooler than waders

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