Every health upgrade location in Wolfenstein: The New Order


Wolfenstein: The New Order is, in many ways, an old school shooter with a modern twist. The game stays true to the series with its classic mechanics: the combat is fast and unbridled; secrets are hidden in every nook and cranny, with health, armor, and ammo pickups scattered everywhere.

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On the harder difficulties in particular, health and armor can all but disappear in seconds, with a health overload only giving you a temporary health boost that degrades over time. Fortunately, ten health upgrades grant Blazkowicz 10 extra HP each, placed throughout the game. Below, we’ll share the Chapter and locations of these Red Army figures to keep you in the fight.


There are no health upgrades in Chapter One.

chapter two

Before you open the doors of the asylum building to escape, turn around from the button and you will see a sure. Use the hot-wiring ability Fergus taught you to open it and find the health boost inside.

chapter three

#1 Health Boost

In Anya’s grandparents’ basement, while you prepare to interrogate the officer, you will need to obtain an apron from the cupboard next to the chainsaw. Don’t pick up the chainsaw yet. Instead, look in the back of the closet to find a toy chest containing a health boost.

Health Boost #2

Once you reach the checkpoint where Anya’s grandmother shoots the Nazi, enter and go left into the staircase. Instead of climbing, connect the elevator in the middle of the room. Take the elevator to the top and before going through the gantry, look behind the spool of thread to find the health upgrade.

There are no health upgrades in chapter four.

chapter five

To get the health upgrade here, head over to Blazkowicz’s room — it’s the one to the left of Max’s, and sleep on the bed. When you wake up, the health boost will be on the nightstand next to the bed.

chapter six

When you enter the lobby of London Nautica, you will be faced with a lot of enemies, so it might be worth dealing with them first. From the lobby entrance, look left to find a Desk. Inside the office, next to the door to the armory, there is a sure. Connect the safe and collect the health upgrade inside.

Chapter Seven

Again, go upstairs and sleep in your bed. Health upgrade will be on Blazkowicz nightstand when you wake up.

There are no health upgrades in chapter eight.

Chapter Nine

Just like chapters five and seven, go to your room and sleep. A cutscene will play but once completed you will wake up next to your bed. Health upgrade is on the way nightstand next to that.

chapter ten

Going along the sewers, you will have to reach a platform to raise the water level in a huge basin. Before flooding the chamber, dive into the pool and look for a sure on the floor. Connect it to grab the health upgrade inside.

There are no health upgrades in Chapter 11.

Chapter 12

Towards the end of the chapter, you will get a second helicopter flight to the top of the bridge. Exit the helicopter and go to the room on the right, there is a sure in the back right corner. Connect the safe and collect the health upgrade inside.

Chapter 13

Again, this upgrade is near the end of the mission. Once you’ve collected the cannon codes and triggered the alarm, stand above the grate through which you’ll escape, but don’t cross it. Instead, look left and you’ll see a safe built into the wall. Connect it to access the latest health upgrade in the game.

There are no health upgrades in chapters 14, 15 and 16.

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