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Ohey is Matt Hancock? A man who is very keen on campaigning for dyslexia, who is that. For this, he explained this weekis the reason he signed up for the latest round of I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here!winning the fury bereaved families of Covid, the loss of the Conservative Whip, and fees estimated at £350,000.

With Hancock’s jungle adventure set to begin on Sunday, some might welcome a reminder of the man who led Britain’s Covid response as health secretary, until he was forced to resign over a work case that broke his own Covid rules. Here are 10 highlights of his career.

1) Matt Hancock the app

The first disgraced health secretary of the pandemic era to volunteer to eat testicles on TV has always been a trailblazer. Make a decision in 2018 to launch your own app for cellphones, teasingly titled “Matt Hancock MP” and designed, he said in a cheerful introductory video, to let Android and iOS users “find out what’s happening at both in my role as MP and as Culture Secretary…to tell me what you think, and to engage with others on issues that matter to you”.

However, users may not have intended to give “Matt Hancock MP” automatic access to their photo libraries as a first issue. seemed to allow. Meanwhile, close observers noted that a low-key update during the Covid pandemic removed the facility to allow users to “have your say”, after the app became this The telegraph called “a paradise for obscene pranksters”.

While Matt Hancock MP the man may be temporarily out of action, his namesake app is still going strong – although it notably bears no mention of his current whereabouts.

2) Parkour

Matt Hancock tries his hand at parkour

Politicians don’t have to be stuffy and boring – some can too vault on a low wall. This was the message of a video posted by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports in 2018, showing Hancock, stealthily dressed in head-to-toe black, participating in a brief snippet of street sport parkour, alongside Sébastien Foucan, one of its pioneers.

“I saw it on YouTube and it’s amazing, but you never think you can get involved, because I can’t do those kind of flips,” he told the camera. “But it’s great fun and good exercise and you get to know your body and the environment you live in.”

3) Conservative leadership

Just think of what could have been. In 2019, when the premiership of the last penultimate Tory leader collapsed (Theresa May, carry on), Hancock ran for the party leadership, running as the strongly pro-business candidate. in contrast to his rival Boris Johnson. Or as he said the Financial Times“To people who say fuck businessI say ‘fuck, fuck business’.

He also took a bold and principled stance on arguments that Brexit could only be achieved by proroguing Parliament, saying that it would “go against everything these men who waded on these beaches fought and died for, and I don’t want that”.

He then withdrew from the leadership race after the first round, in which he received 20 votes. Strange, however, that he hasn’t resigned his cabinet seat when Johnson indeed moved to prorogued parliament two months later, saying so “I did not want” the same thing.

4) Catch the Covid

Matt Hancock catches the Covid

Britain’s Covid lockdown was four days old when Hancock, with Johnson and chief medical officer Sir Chris Whitty have all contracted the virus. Johnson was hospitalized and eventually admitted to intensive care; Hancock had “very mild symptoms” and had to isolatebut said: “I will continue to do everything I can to give our carers the support they need, I will do it from here, but with no less enthusiasm.”

Next week he was back to the Ministry of Health announcing a target of 100,000 Covid tests per day by the end of April 2020; on May 1 he said he had been reached, while admitting the figures included 39,000 tests that had been sent but not processed.

5) Covid management

Hancock’s actions during the pandemic will be fully scrutinized in the public Covid inquiry, but Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s ousted senior aide, made a first attempt speaking to MPs last year.

Hancock, as health secretary, should have been sacked “almost every day”, Cummings said, for “criminal” behavior, for “lying to everyone repeatedly”, for having set the “stupid” target of 100,000 tests a day, and to be one of many government figures whose performance is “very, very disastrously below the standards the country expects”.

Johnson’s spokesman said at the time he retained “full confidence” in Hancock, although a month later Cummings published texts of his former boss in which Johnson called Hancock “totally desperate”.

Hancock didn’t respond directly at the time, but it’s possible his upcoming memoir differs from the two accounts.

6) The owner of the pub

In November 2020, the guardian revealed that Alex Bourne, former owner of Hancock’s local constituency, the Cock Inn, had won a contract to supply NHS testing equipment after sending Hancock a personal WhatsApp message.

Thick headedwhose company previously made take-out boxes, and Hancock insisted he had gone through the proper channels.

7) Clinch with a colleague

Matt Hancock resigns

Social distancing regulations were key to protecting the nation from Covid, Hancock stressed repeatedly during the pandemic. But shit, you can’t fight love. And so it was that in May 2021, at a time when intimate contact was not permitted outside of his immediate household, an office CCTV camera captured the balding groom Hancock and his enthusiastic erotic groping with an old friend he had appointed to his office, Gina Coladangelo.

Despite having previously described anti-lockdown sex as “a police matter”, the man they (necessarily) called “Mate Handjob” insisted he wouldn’t quit – until he finally did, having come to fruition that he “needed to be with my children”.

8) Lido Gate

Hancock and former Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland were apparently taking an innocent stroll through Hyde Park in January this year when they spontaneously decided to strip naked to swim in the Serpentine lido, in full view of a conveniently located Evening Standard photographer .

Extended coverage of his post-ministerial musculature thus assured, Hancock emerged after a brief swim of 20 meters to earn himself a severe reprimand from the Serpentine Swimming Clubinsisting that his pool is open to members only.

9) Handshake

Matt Hancock is neglected by Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak is a man of “good judgmentHancock wrote in July, explaining why he was backing him as leader the last time the job was available. Interesting, then, that Sunak very ostentatiously refused of shaking hands with his former cabinet colleague while being applauded by Tory MPs after being (finally) elected, although Hancock appeared to be maneuvering himself directly into the eyes of the new Prime Minister. Perhaps Hancock had forgotten his hand sanitizer.

10) Afterlife

Life after an ignominious resignation has been largely quiet for Hancock, starring the end of his marriage, the strange interviewa stain of paint ball and say again appearances in her favorite outfit of jeans and turtlenecks.

His decision to take part in I’m a Celebrity was only made last week, he told The Sun, and only because “the government is stable”. “And no, it wasn’t the check” – or, presumably, because he publishes his Pandemic Logs early December.

However, have a thought for the producers of Channel 4 SAS who dares wins, who would have already filmed the next series in which Hancock was supposed to be the “signature star”. “Everyone is pretty angry,” said a source told The Sun.


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