Canada is one of the 10 most affordable countries to lead a healthy lifestyle


Canada is one of the 10 most affordable countries in the world to stay fit and healthy, according to a new study.

Led by PureGym, a UK-based gym chain, the study found that Canada is the eighth cheapest country in the world to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Canada was selected by the UK in seventh and Ireland in ninth. Europe performed well in the report, with Denmark leading the way.

Consistently touted as one of the happiest countries, and with its capital striving to become the healthiest city in the world, the researchers noted that Denmark’s ranking was “not surprising”.

On the flip side, the US ranking of second was unsuspected, they said, due to its fast food culture.

“Staying fit and healthy both in our diet and in our exercise routines is an important part of a balanced lifestyle which can also have huge benefits for our mental well-being,” said Stephen Rowe, Marketing Director of PureGym.

Researchers analyzed the average price of healthy staple foods, such as fruits, vegetables and protein, a monthly gym membership and sportswear, in nearly 100 countries.

The costs were then weighted against a country’s national average salary, revealing how affordable it is to lead a healthy lifestyle in various countries around the world.

Due to a low average income and an “insanely” high healthy cost of living, Iran was considered the most expensive country in the world to maintain healthy habits.

Tunisia, Egypt and the Philippines were also placed at the bottom of the list.

As New Year’s resolutions fast approach, PureGym has offered several tips for staying healthy while on budget, including planning your meals, packing your lunch, and adding veggies to pump up your muscles. expensive meat dishes.

Buying frozen fruits and vegetables, which are picked at their peak and often cheaper than their fresh counterparts, and finding free home workouts on apps and YouTube can also help keep costs down.

“Whether you’re already on your fitness journey or planning to start in January, staying healthy always pays off,” Puregym said.

The 10 most affordable countries to stay healthy

  1. Denmark
  2. United States
  3. Switzerland
  4. Australia
  5. Germany
  6. Netherlands
  7. UK
  8. Canada
  9. Ireland
  10. Sweden


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