Camilla Parker Bowles: How the royal is staying slim and healthy at 74 – diet and exercise


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has access to the world’s best nutritionists and personal trainers, but that doesn’t mean non-royals can’t adopt her healthy habits. spoke to nutrition and fitness expert Nataly Komova about Camilla’s lifestyle, diet and likely exercise regimens.

Nataly has claimed that one of the ways the Duchess stays slim and fit is by following a “balanced” diet.

She suggested that Camilla could enjoy simple foods such as roast chicken, baked salmon and steaks, as well as lamb and shepherd’s pie.

In a chat with You magazine, the Duchess revealed that when her children, Tom and Laura, were growing up, dinners included tarragon chicken, scrambled eggs, bacon and chicken casserole.

This suggests that the royal is more focused on enjoying hearty, healthy meals than restricting herself.

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Nataly continued, “I think she also fills her diet with fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables.”

When her children were growing up, Camilla had a vegetable garden, which suggests that her cooking was rich in nutrients.

These days, the Duchess is still a keen gardener and often competes with her husband, Prince Charles, for the quality of their vegetables.

She is particularly impressed with her own white peaches.


Nataly suggested that Camilla probably opt for organic food.

It’s also something Prince Charles is passionate about, having established an organic food company, Duchy Organics, in 1990.

Along with a healthy diet, the expert suggested that Camilla is also likely active.

Outdoor leisure activities she can partake in include horseback riding and walking her dogs – not to mention gardening which is fabulous for toning the arms.

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At 74, Camilla can also stay limber with a bit of light yoga, and she’s been photographed several times taking part in the odd dance class.

Nataly offered some suggestions for those hoping to lose weight while maintaining their strength at the Duchess’ age.

She said: “It’s best to embrace Camilla’s lifestyle of staying active.

“Daily walking and stretching are key to improving your flexibility as you age.”

She continued, “Camilla quit smoking and replaced the habit with healthy ones.”

When it comes to diet, Nataly recommends two key healthy foods for 70-somethings: beans and nuts.

“Beans are versatile and filling. They are a great source of protein and contain fiber that will keep you satisfied for a long time.

“It reduces the chances of overeating, which helps maintain a healthy weight.”

She continued, “I like to snack on almonds, pecans or peanuts.

“Studies indicate that people who eat nuts are likely to eat less at the next meal.”


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