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Labrador Hunter is in the heat of preparations for Mr. Olympia 2022, but takes the time to share advice for aspiring athletes and bodybuilders. In a recent video, Labrada demonstrated how to build full legs using the adductor machine.

Labrada, son of Bodybuilding Hall of Famer Lee Labrada, gets busy ahead of his third Mr. Olympia appearance. In preparation for the biggest bodybuilding show of the year, he has focused on improvement and recently showed off some of the gains he has made with a demanding arm workout.

When it comes to training, Labrada regularly shares knowledge related to many workouts that he considers the most important. One video saw him explain how to build bigger triceps with overhead cross cable tricep extensions.

The final “Tuesday Tip” Hunter Labrada handed out was about the importance of sleep when it comes to rest, recovery, and muscle building. He stressed that maintaining a low body temperature is paramount for recovery. Additionally, he limits his time on electronic devices due to the blue light they emit, which can affect sleep quality. This time, however, Labrada shares her top tips for creating fuller legs.

Hunter Labrada on the importance of developing the adductors: “It’s very often an overlooked muscle”

In a recent video shared via YouTube, Labrada explained why adductors make a leg look fuller.

“I often get asked about this, and that is how to make your legs look bigger. And no, this is not a video on how to improve your sweeping. So obviously when you’re talking about your bigger legs, everyone’s so focused on getting as much meat on their quads as possible. Absolutely, a great concentration to have. This focus should absolutely not change,” Labrada said.

The Men’s Open star says many people lack adductor development because they only prioritize their quadriceps.

“What I see most often is that the focus is completely missing on the inside of your leg. So I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen with great quadriceps development, but then they have a thigh gap all the way to their nut sack and it makes their legs look incomplete.

Labrada said “eliminating negative space” while posing helps create a taller appearance for bodybuilders. He explained that legends like six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates and eight-time winner Ronnie Coleman have used it to their advantage.

“In bodybuilding, the more negative space you eliminate – negative space being like gaps in your physique, every time you pose – the fatter you’re going to look. Think of Dorian Yates hitting a split, you know from behind that “there’s literally no space between his arm and his back. It’s like this huge blanket of meat.

Think of Ronnie Coleman’s legs, it’s a great example for that. You know, he would have his legs apart, but his adductors would literally touch almost to the knees. Keep focusing on your quadrilateral, but this Tuesday tip is about the adductors,” says Hunter Labrada.

Even though the adductors are often overlooked, he believes they are essential for full legs.

“By focusing on your adductors – making them a priority – the same way you prioritize your quadriceps development or your hamstring development, you’re going to have a very complete leg. Your front kicks – you’re not going to not have space between the thighs. They will end up touching each other up to the knee.

It’s a very often overlooked muscle that can make a huge difference in the development of your legs,” shared Hunter Labrada.

Labrada gave some additional tips on using the adductor machine.

“We enlarge our legs by developing our adductor. Let’s actually talk about how to perform [on] the adductor machine. The most important thing for this is that you want to have stability. Just like we did in all our other exercises, how do we have stability in this? You’re going to have stability by keeping a neutral spine – not letting your hips roll out.

He added that you shouldn’t push with your feet but rather drive with your knee.

“You’re going to grab those handles; they are there for a reason and pull as hard as you can. Think about your leg, maintain some neutrality in terms of internal external rotation, and think about driving from inside your knee. You don’t want to push with your feet at all. You should be able to remove your legs and think about bringing your knees together.

Come to a full stretch – then a full contraction. Like everything else, own the negative and contract as hard as you can. This is how we will isolate our adductor,” explained Labrada.

Even as he prepares for Mr. Olympia 2022, Labrada doesn’t miss an opportunity to connect with his fans. He met his dad Lee at their Labrada Nutrition home gym to have his biceps measured early in his contest prep. Although Hunter doesn’t think his guns are bigger than rival Nick Walker’s, they measured in at an impressive 22½ inches.

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Labrada is working hard to produce an improved package for his upcoming bodybuilding show. He thinks taxing his body on the adductor machine is a great way to build fuller legs.

Watch the full video below:


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