Blogger mom Ishna Batra shares her thoughts on how to stay in shape


“There is nothing more important than our health – it is our most valuable asset.”

The words “Health and Fitness” complement each other to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Good health involves the idea of ​​being well. We call a healthy and fit person when they are functioning well physically and mentally. The first thing that contributes to our fitness is the food we eat and the way we live. Regular exercise improves the power of our muscles. Exercise contributes to a good supply of oxygen and helps our body reach the desired weight. Virtual media and influencers play an important role in motivating people to adopt a healthy lifestyle through meditation, yoga and exercise in today’s world. Social media influencer Ishna Batra inspires people to live healthy and happy lives by incorporating yoga and exercise into their daily routine. She is an influencer and mother of two children. She keeps her life and @mammaslifestyle Instagram account updated with her fashion blogs, mom time, travel diaries and exercise routines that she follows every day. Ishna Batra is a follower of proverbs; “Health is wealth” and “fitness is key”.

A person stays happier when they are fit and healthy. Implementing this thought in her life, Ishna Batra has continuously worked on her health to maintain herself. She devotes herself to cardio and yoga on a daily basis. After her second pregnancy, she gained around 25kg of weight, but thanks to her constant dedication to yoga and cardio, she was able to lose the 25kg she had gained. She struggled to maintain her diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. But in the end, it was all worth it. As a mom and blogger, Ishna Batra is an icon for all those moms who think it’s impossible to have desirable health and lifestyle after being a mom. Fashion and travel have always been anticipated by Ishna Batra. Apart from all that, she also posts some amazing parenting tips to give her audience some helpful tips. Ishna Batra’s hard work, dedication and passion for her blog has given her immense results, which she truly deserves.

In the 21st century, most mothers are also working women and they barely have time to take care of their health, which over time leads to serious health problems. This busy and busy schedule makes it more important for them to exercise daily to stay healthy. There are endless benefits to making fitness a priority in your life when you have kids, and many of them benefit you and your kids. Some of the benefits are: 1) Parents are role models, so if you want your kid to be fit, you need to implement that in your own life as well. 2) Develop the importance of fitness in your children from an early age as they care for their parents who go out to exercise to stay healthy. 3) Stress relief; the endorphins that are released during a workout should be reason enough to take the time to work out. 4) Increased physical fitness equals increased energy; when you’re in better shape, you just have more energy to work out at the end of the day. “Make fitness a priority and make sure you include your kids as well. “

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