Bipasha Basu drools over this dish of Bengali mutton; Guess what it is


Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu is another foodie we love; she talks about her food choices and doesn’t hesitate to show the world her indulgences every now and then. Bipasha has maintained a healthy lifestyle by choosing to moderate her meals and workouts. She doesn’t deprive herself of all the delicious things to keep in shape and we could surely learn a thing or two from her. In her most recent Instagram story, she is seen enjoying a delicious plate of Kosha Mangsho, a famous Bengali mutton recipe that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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Bipasha Basu shared a photo of Kosha Mangsho where she praised “Oh Calcutta India” for making Kosha Mangsho smack her lips there. She writes: “Nobody makes Kosha Mangsho like you guys and is wholeheartedly for the delicious recipe.” See his post here:

Bipasha shares her delicious plate of Mutton Kosha on Instagram

Kosha Mangsho or Mutton Kosha is a famous Bengali mutton dish, which literally means “stir-fried meat”. It is a favorite in Bengali households and is generally made for occasions large or small. It is slowly cooked in an iron kadhai to give it that dark brown color and to ensure that every piece is drenched in the goodness of the spices. Being a Bengali herself, we can understand Bipasha’s love for a good plate from Kosha Mangsho.

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We often see Bipasha sharing her gourmet adventures on her Instagram profile, she keeps us posted and makes us drool and we really want more. Let us know what you think of Kosha Mangsho in the comments below.


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