Best Sunscreens and Tips to Lose Weight Gradually


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It is important to include meals high in fiber and protein.Credit:iStock

Road test

I’m surrounded by friends who do intermittent fasting so I sign up for a personalized diet.

The truth QR8Nutrition is run by practicing dietitians who really know their stuff. I meet Amanda Smith on Zoom and instantly like her (she even laughs at my jokes, especially the wine ones). Amanda explains the three-month plan for “gradual, sustained weight loss” and how to include meals and snacks high in fiber and protein to help manage appetite and minimize lean muscle loss.

Some starting tips: opt for low-fat milk and yoghurts; limit wine to one or two glasses per night; have two alcohol-free days each week; drink two liters of water a day, with a large glass before meals; and eat a square of dark chocolate with berries after dinner. My detailed meal plan comes next, with a myriad of delicious options and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Suggestions include mango mint oatmeal, smoked salmon with arugula and orange salad, and Thai lentil curry. The goal of each meal is for half to be colorful vegetables, one-fourth lean protein, and one-fourth carbs.

pain factor Not really, just the usual chore of shopping.

Break time The three-month support program includes catch-ups with Amanda and nutritional updates.

Results I look slimmer and my energy level has increased.

Where to get it QR8 Nutrition, Cost: $460.


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