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Cozy Games brought gamers living or farming simulators and RPGs with cute stories and even more lovable characters. And the Little witch in the woods did just that with its RPG adventure game. As the name suggests, players control Ellie, a teenage witch, who is a bit too curious for her own good. Players start on a train heading to their school, but when the train has to stop for a short time, Ellie takes the opportunity to explore the woods outside the train. And because of that, she misses the train, leaving the player stranded in the middle of the magic woods.

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Luckily, Ellie is resourceful and finds a witch hut deep in the forest where players will end up staying. This is just the beginning of many great adventures. But just because the Little witch in the woods it’s kind of cozy that doesn’t mean it’s simple. In fact, there are several mechanics that can be tricky for new players.


5 Take Care When Crafting Potions

Unlike most witch games right now, the mechanics of Little Witch in the Woods can be tricky if players aren’t careful enough. When players are ready to craft a potion, they will need to go to the cauldron found at the Witch’s Shack workplace.

Once there, players will need to search their journal for the correct instructions. There, players will not only find the items they need, but they will also see details about the heat level and how to stir the potion. Players accustomed to more relaxed games where all they need are ingredients will often overlook this detail.

4 Increase Ellie’s Bag Space

Gathering and foraging is an essential key to the game as there is a lot of potion and candy making, but the starter bag space can be difficult. With eight slots, players will likely be frustrated with how little they can carry, or at least how often they have to return to the Witch’s Hut to drop off their gatherings. Fortunately, there is a way to increase storage space.

Ellie will meet Aurea shortly after starting the game, and once Ellie has helped her to the village and Aurea has settled in properly, players can spend 250 gold to open their storage space of 4, giving players a total of 12 slots. Further on, players will be able to spend 500 coins to give them 4 extra spaces, giving them a total of 16. While this is a significant sum to spend, it can help in the long run.

3 Be home before midnight

fans of Stardew Valley know this rule well. Players, unfortunately, cannot spend the whole night running in the forest, eventually they will have to go home and rest. And like Stardewplayers who stay out past their curfew will find themselves with less stamina the next day.

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Of course, this isn’t an entirely harsh punishment, but if players don’t stay mindful of time, stamina depletion will build up until they can barely do anything on their own. next day. And unlike Stardew Valley, players will not be able to fall asleep early in the morning. If players try to interact with the bed to sleep during the day, Ellie will simply say she’s not tired yet.

2 Gather the ingredients in pairs

Like most crafting games, it’s essential to gather as many of the ingredients found in the woods as possible to avoid going back and forth when crafting. Luckily, it’s fairly simple to gather and feed as most items respawn quickly. However, players should keep in mind that most recipes require two of the same ingredients.

That being said, take two of the same ingredients when you go foraging. While some items are found on the forest floor, some, like maple grasses, grow on vines in the green forest plateau. Players must therefore collect them each time they pass through the area.

1 carry potions

There are many obstacles around the woods, some keeping Ellie from vital parts of the forest that relate to the story, and others keeping Ellie out of exploration territories. Because of this, having certain potions on Ellie will help them move quickly without having to go back to crafting at the Witch Hut workplace all the time.

The two potions that players should always have on them are Weed Potions and Nourish Potions. Weed potions will help with thorny vines, while nutritional potions will help with bird flowers and bean stalk growth.

Little witch in the woods is early access on Windows, Mac, Xbox.

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