Artists, industry veterans and mental health experts join the WB Women’s Commission to help and guide young talent

The shocking deaths of young artists Pallavi Dey, Bidisha De Majumder, Manjusha Neogi and aspiring model Saraswati Das in the span of two weeks have raised several questions. While police investigations are still ongoing, the back-to-back incidents have also raised concerns about the priority given to mental health. Several industry veterans, mental health experts spoke about the situation. The shocking incidents prompted the Women’s Commission of West Bengal to take initiative and address the alarming situation. President Leena Gangopadhyay, long associated with the entertainment industry, took the initiative to bring together the Artists’ Forum, the East India Federation of Cinema Technicians and Workers, representatives of television stations, experts in mental health and find a probable solution.

Lead Artists Indrani Halder, Badshah Moitra, Sohini Sengupta, Ushasie Chakraborty Ambarish Bhattacharya, Shankar Chakraborty, Diganta Bagchi, Swarup Biswas, Chairman of East India Film Technicians and Workers Federation, Producer Shaibal Banerjee, representatives from TV stations and mental health experts were invited in an open platform to discuss the topic. On Thursday, they all came together under one roof following the initiative of the WB Women’s Commission.

The industry veterans gave real insight into showbiz and the importance of staying focused and being patient. Artists Indrani, Badshah, Ambarish, Ushasie and others discussed the struggle an artist has to go through to taste success as well as the fact that nothing is permanent in this profession.

Senior entertainer Indrani, who has left his presence felt in both television and film, shared his personal experience. She shared how different things were when she entered showbiz and how she managed to survive in this unstable business. Indrani shared how important it is to work hard, be patient and not crumble when you fail. Sohini, Badshah, Ushasie and other industry veterans also shared their personal experiences during the chat. Mental health experts, meanwhile, have expressed concern over the latest deaths. They also highlighted the need to counsel budding artists to combat depression and suicidal tendencies.

All the experts underlined the need to accompany young talents to face the pressure of work as well as failure. The need to provide guidance to young artists was also discussed and Artists Forum is seriously considering this.

Last month, President Leena took the initiative to create a platform where Tolly stakeholders, mental health experts, senior artists and aspirants can exchange their opinions. A letter was sent last month to Tolly stakeholders and psychologists who joined yesterday’s discussion.


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