Area schools rewarded for healthy projects


LIMA — The Activated School Challenge prizes were awarded Friday to eleven area school districts.

Each winner completed self-assessments of their environment, developed improvement plans, and then were approved for funds.

Josh Unterbrink of Activate Allen County said, “We’ve made sure the funds donated are put to good use. They go to meaningful and sustainable programs in your school district.

The award of up to $2,500 aims to help make school environments healthier by adopting guidelines that promote health, nutrition and mental health. The funding will enhance programs, curricula, and equipment to permanently improve the health of their students in the 2021-2022 school year and beyond.

The activated school challenge winners are Cridersville Elementary, Delphos Jefferson High School, ECCO program at North Middle School, Holy Rosary, Jennings Local Schools, Kalida Elementary School, Leipsic Local Schools, Lima West Middle School, Ottawa Elementary, St. Rose Catholic School and Sts. Peter and Paul School.

When asked why he was there, Cridersville Elementary’s Noah Reichelderfer replied, “We’re trying to get more gear.”

Cridersville Elementary is a fairly new building. “We have phenomenal playgrounds, but we don’t have any excess equipment. So we’re going to use the money to buy some really good basketballs, soccer balls, jump ropes and hoops,” said Jill Stubbs, counselor and physical education teacher.

Another winner was local schools in Jennings for a rather unique idea. They were able to buy an extra cooler for the cafeteria to encourage high school students to eat healthy snacks. At the small school in Jennings, many students actively participate in a number of after-school activities. Some students didn’t eat between lunch and dinner at home. It could be from 11:00 a.m. to almost 8:00 p.m. Students are encouraged to bring healthy snacks and keep them in the cooler so they have access to an after-school snack between school and after-school activities. Jerry Siefker was responsible for purchasing a cooler suitable for the students’ needs. Cheryl Schnipke was the instigator of the healthy snacks initiative.

Nick Langhals, Jennings Superintendent and High School Principal said, “Now we can give these guys and girls a chance for an after school snack. Many of our students transition from basketball practice to theater practice. They are at school sometimes three, four or five hours.

Tyler Smith, Community Health Director of Mercy Health – Lima, said, “Research tells us that if we can instill healthy lifestyle habits in our school-aged children, we can implement them for healthy living. .

Noah Reichelderfer and Jill Stubbs accept the award on behalf of Cridersville Elementary.

School Challenge Prize Winners Enabled

Josh Unterbrich, Jennifer Horstman, Cheryl Schnipke, Jerry Sieger, Nick Langhals and Tyler Smith at the Activated School Challenge Awards

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