All everywhere, all at once Movie hairstyles interview


In most films, the main characters have a characteristic look that lays the groundwork for additional spin-off hairstyles as the plot evolves. The extent of it is usually an update for a fancy event or maybe the addition of a hair accessory here or there, but most importantly, just like we don’t change our look day by day, most movie characters don’t either. . However, in “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, we see over 25 different hairstyles on the main character, Evelyn Wang (played by Michelle Yeoh), and each one is very different from the next.

The sci-fi drama, which hit theaters March 25, follows Evelyn, a Chinese immigrant who must save the world by traveling across the multiverse. It also stars Jamie Lee Curtis (Deirdre Beaubeirdra) and Stephanie Hsu (Joy Wang).

Because the plot involves Evelyn exploring multiple realities, she has a distinct look for each, created by the film’s head of hair department, Anissa Salazar. “There’s so much going on, as everyone can see in the trailer,” Salazar told POPSUGAR. “There are so many different looks, from a Chinese opera, to a K-pop star, to a gothic Sailor Moon, to a pink Elvis universe.”

Ahead, learn more about the standout hairstyles you see in “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” from Curtis’ epic blonde microbob to Hsu’s Elvis pink wing.


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