Air Fryer Guy On The Best Things To Air Fry


We follow the advice of the expert, The Air Fryer Guy, to get the most out of your device.

In the Covid-induced family era of 2020 and 2021, the * science * of the new age of air frying has gone absolutely viral. Stuck at home, people were getting inventive; to fry pasta chips and somehow also banana bread? It’s safe to say we’ve all gone mad about it.

Why do we love him so much? It’s a super quick way to get that roasted, crispy texture we all crave and cleanup only takes a second. It’s hard to beat.

So, now that we’ve bought the Air Fryer Life, the real question is, how can we get the most out of it? We asked the expert – The Air Fryer Guy – for advice.

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What are your top 5 healthy hacks?

  • Substituting avocado for the potato is a great, healthy option. I like to make avocado fries. Super delicious and guilt free.
  • You can always insert hidden vegetables. My one-platter ham and cheese sliders would have been perfect with ham and cheese, but I added tomato and spinach slices for a healthier touch.
  • Donuts can be healthier if you cook them in an air fryer because you don’t have to use all that nasty frying oil.
  • I find the air fryer cooks the vegetables in such a way that they just taste better than cooking them any other way. Sure, you can steam broccoli, but have you tried Air Crispy Fried Broccoli? Even children will eat it.
  • Another great recipe is air fried sweet potato chips. Thinly sliced ​​sweet potato cooked to perfection in the air fryer with a pinch of salt. They taste much better than a packet of regular crisps and are much healthier.

What don’t we know about air frying (that we should)?

“I think a lot of people don’t know that you can actually get an oven with a built-in air fryer. The Westinghouse Oven with AirFry is a game-changer because it means I can cook larger amounts of food. than in a countertop appliance.

I like having both the oven and benchtop air fryers because when I am entertaining (possibly …), I can use the air fryer and the oven simultaneously.

For example, I can air fry a chicken in the oven while cooking french fries in the air fryer. It just makes life a little easier. That’s all I am. “

What are your favorite foods to air fry?

“I tend to choose versatile ingredients to work with or things that everyone seems to have in the fridge. My Spicy Breaded Carrots are ideal when you want to use forgotten carrots because they taste less like carrots and more like chicken wings. Crunchy, spicy and delicious!

“Also, it may sound simple, but my favorite thing to cook in an air fryer are ‘soft-boiled’ eggs. They are super simple, taste amazing and there is little to no cleaning by. the following. “

Some say that an air fryer is essentially a small oven – what makes it so special about air frying?

” Speed ​​! Air frying is so much faster than a regular oven. There’s hardly any preheating, and you can cook amazing foods in almost half the time. “

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