Acquisition of Nestlé Health Science and entry of new brands into the US infant formula market

Shortage of infant formula in the United States: Bubs Australia infant formula is duty-free, the company works with two other retail chains

Bubs Australia is increasing the number of retail chains selling its infant formula in the United States and also benefiting from tariff concessions for products sold under a trade agreement.

Its newly added retail partners are Meijer and HEB, which will add to its existing retail partners Target, Walmart, Kroger and Albertsons.

The company expects 361,299 boxes of Bubs infant formula to be sold in 34 US states by mid-July.

US Formula Shortage: Danone NZ, Bellamy’s Organic Latest to Receive US FDA Approval, Meiji Apply

Meiji has filed an application with the US FDA to export its infant formula amid the country’s infant formula shortage crisis, while Danone NZ and Bellamy’s Organic were the latest to receive FDA approval .

Meiji confirmed NutraIngredients-Asia that he requested the export of two infant formulas to the United States under the country’s discretionary enforcement policy.

Both products include powdered milk for babies with lactose allergies and cube-shaped milk powder.

Nestlé Health Science to acquire GO Healthy and parent company, hails brand’s ‘simplified yet effective’ vitamin regimen

Nestlé Health Science is set to acquire New Zealand dietary supplement brand GO Healthy and its parent company.

This will be the global nutrition giant’s first acquisition of an Asia-Pacific-based company.

GO Healthy is part of The Better Health Company (TBHC), which also owns the Egmont manuka honey brand, and New Zealand health manufacturing companies.

Power of Plants: Independent Research Energizes Probiotic Tonic Company Akesi for APAC Expansion

Singaporean bio-fermented tonic company Akesi is eyeing expansion into other Southeast Asian countries as well as larger markets such as Japan.

The company has currently developed five SKUs, namely Bio-Fermented Papaya Tonic, Bio-Fermented Turmeric Tonic, Bio-Fermented Berry Spritzer, and Two Multi-Species Probiotic + Probiotic Powders. These products are manufactured in Queensland and transported by cold freight to Singapore.

Talk to NutraIngredients-Asia, The founders said the research conducted on the products contained plant-based nutrients, specifically polyphenols rich in antioxidant properties.

Slow Aging: Regenosis Targets 100,000 Monthly Sales With Buck Institute-Backed Alpha-Ketoglutarate Supplements

Singapore-based Regenosis is aiming for a monthly sale of 100,000 with its flagship calcium-based alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) formulation that claims to slow the aging process.

The supplements have been shown to lower human biological age by approximately eight years after an average use of seven months.

It was developed with an independent biomedical research center on aging, the Buck Institute for Research on Aging located in California.


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