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Mauro Leonardi, executive chef and Aaron Buhagiar, co-founder of Fortify Meals

While Pink October is associated with women’s awareness and breast cancer, November is men’s health month.

Usually referred to as Movember and symbolized by a mustache, the month focuses on men’s mental health, suicide prevention, and prostate and testicular cancer. Fortify Meals, a meal prep company for people with busy lifestyles, plans to raise awareness throughout November, but with a difference.

Fortify Meals encourages everyone to hold a plank for 60 seconds. Why 60 seconds? According to the official Movember.com source, 60 men kill themselves every hour around the world. Instead of just growing a mustache, Movember.com also encourages people to get moving and / or create moments of awareness. Their message is that whatever you grow, you will save a brother.

Fortify Meals’ latest campaign, “Don’t Screw Yourself, Check Yourself,” encourages men to take care of their mental health; physically through exercise, mentally by breaking stigma and talking about their emotions, and sexually by checking for diseases and leading a healthy lifestyle to prevent them. Holding a board for 60 seconds is their challenge, set up on their social networks, to spread the word and raise awareness.

Mauro Leonardi, Executive Chef of Fortify Meals, says “We wanted to help spread the word, as much as possible, through a fun challenge, which will also encourage movement and physical activity. Fortify Meals promotes a healthy lifestyle through the food you eat, but a healthy lifestyle is also achieved through advancements in mental health, regular exercise and training, and a focus on your health. . We encourage you to follow our Instagram stories and participate in this challenge to help raise awareness and save lives. ‘

Fortify Meals is a meal preparation company for productive people with a busy schedule. Determined to help you achieve your goals, Fortify offers a number of meal plans and packs to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain your physique, hassle-free, Fortify Meals can help.

Follow Fortify Meals on their Instagram page, @fortifymeals for their 60-second plank challenge.

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