10 Meals You Can Make Ahead To Last All Week |


Planning and preparing meals for the week ahead is a food trend that is gaining popularity for its myriad time-saving, health, and lifestyle benefits.

Top10.com has compiled a list of ready-meal recipes that can be made in bulk to last you through the week. From preparing full meals ahead of time to simply washing and chopping fruits and vegetables for quick snacks later, the time invested in meal prep pays off in many ways.

Meal prep promotes healthy eating by enabling meal planning that incorporates healthier ingredients and greater variety into weekly menus, while also allowing control over exactly what goes into a dish. Recipes, as well as meal preparation strategies, can easily be modified to meet the needs, dietary restrictions and preferences of each individual or family.

Cost savings are another benefit when you plan meals in advance, avoiding last-minute calls for takeout or takeout orders. Planning meals will also save you money at the supermarket: you’ll be less tempted to impulse buy and can be more strategic in choosing recipes with ingredients that can be used in multiple dishes.

Meal preparation also decreases the stress of people busy with work, care and other responsibilities. Having prepared meals on hand is useful when you’re too tired to cook at the end of a long day.

Keep reading to discover 10 easy and delicious meal prep ideas to try.


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