10 Meal Prep Tips Every Beginner Should Know


If you’re new to meal prepping, you might be intimidated or confused by what you see on social media. You don’t need to cook everything you’ll eat all week in a single day, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on new equipment. The main thing to focus on – at least in the beginning – is learning how to create nutritious and balanced meals. Once you establish this habit, research shows your body will thank you.

A study found that people who plan their meals are more likely to have better adherence to nutritional guidelines as well as a greater variety of foods.

In other words, they’re more likely to eat a healthy, balanced diet with lots of different nutrients. Who doesn’t want that?

If you’re curious about taking the plunge into meal prep, there’s no need to force yourself to change overnight. Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDCES, the New Jersey-based author of belly fat diet for dummies, suggests starting small so you don’t get overwhelmed. “Start by planning and preparing just one meal in advance. For example, meal prepping only lunch,” she says. “Then prepare and plan ahead for all meals over time.”

How do you start this process, you might ask? Try these tips from the experts who have been doing it for years and have it all down to a science.


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