How to obtain a professional loan? – Criteria.

The search for a professional credit, may seem perilous especially for neophytes. Indeed the visit to the banker can scare entrepreneurs in the making.

Yet the banker must, a priority, be considered an ally. Indeed, its role is to finance business projects It must be thought that the banker is constantly looking for new customers including contractors but he can not do anything and he can not do anything. has a considerable advantage: he can choose his customers.

Put all the chances on his side!

Put all the chances on his side!

Thus it is necessary to prepare for this interview to demonstrate that the banker will acquire a new reliable client.

To do this, the funding file must be complete in order to avoid subsequent requests for documents and round trips. This can also demonstrate a certain rigor of the entrepreneur.

The contractor must know his file at the fingertips and justify all elements of the forecast balance sheet.

He must also know the criteria of the bank to ensure their respect or to be able to bounce on the weak points of the project.

Despite good preparation, some processing times are incompressible because of the internal organization and the size of the bank.

Once the agreement in principle, it is not prohibited to negotiate banking terms and fees for the establishment of professional credit.

Properly define your financing needs

Properly define your financing needs

The needs of the business should be defined to determine the appropriate sources of professional financing. Does the company seek to finance investments? the need for working capital? cash?

The definition of these needs makes it possible to define financing methods: short, medium or long term.

Indeed, investments can be financed by medium-term loans. If it is real estate, one can imagine to finance on long durations, 12 years, 15 years, 20 years.

Movable investments (equipment, production tool) are generally financed by bank loan over 7 years.

The need for working capital is not financeable by borrowing. Other means exist such as discount, dailly, factoring.

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