Payday loan consolidation reviews -Fast and easy payday loan consolidation

We think about it most often when we are struck by numerous financial obligations. While it is easy to get it done in the bank, the rules of the game are not fully defined in the case of loan companies. Consolidation of payday loans – today we are checking whether such a solution is possible […]

How to obtain a professional loan? – Criteria.

The search for a professional credit, may seem perilous especially for neophytes. Indeed the visit to the banker can scare entrepreneurs in the making. Yet the banker must, a priority, be considered an ally. Indeed, its role is to finance business projects It must be thought that the banker is constantly looking for new customers […]

In what company can we find loans on the phone?

On the Polish non-bank loans market you will find companies that grant financial obligations online or less often at stationary outlets. There are also still lenders even offering loans at the client’s home. However, are there companies that offer phone loans? If so, how should we proceed to have our application accepted? See methods for […]

What to choose between revolving credit and personal loan?

The choice between a revolving credit and a personal loan must depend on several factors, including the nature of the project to be financed. However, what is the difference between these two types of consumer loans? How to choose between these two formulas? Personal loan and revolving loan: what is the difference? The revolving credit […]

Fast loans and self-financing offers zero rate 2018

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Savings: the money and habits of the French under the magnifying glass

At the end of 2018, the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) published its Savings and Investment Barometer. A focus on French savings, their feelings and their desire to invest interesting. Focus. The Financial Market Authority (AMF) conducted an annual survey of French savings, their choices and preferences, their perception of the return potential of different investments […]

Prison for outstanding loans? Is it possible?

People struggling with debts sooner or later ask themselves whether arrears can result in imprisonment. It is often the case that debt collectors threaten debtors with such information. In the meantime, it’s good to know about the real risks of unpaid payments. Prison is a place where you can find out for various crimes, including […]